We are the premiere environmental insurance wholesaler in the country, educating insurance professionals to sell more insurance.

Our success is built upon combining environmental education and risk management which allows insured’s to understand the value environmental insurance adds to their business model. Over 2 decades we have developed proprietary resources that are unmatched in the industry, and assures our partner agencies will write more environmental insurance.

Our staff of environmental Strategists™ has the experience of working with everything from Fortune 500 companies to small business enterprises. By partnering with us you will experience firsthand why eRMI is so much more than just a wholesaler.

ERMI High Net Worth

To assist you and your High Net Worth (HNW) insureds in understanding the value the ERMI HNW Pollution program adds to protecting their resources, please click here to listen to our recorded webinar.

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What is a pollutant?

Any material, substance, or product introduced into an environment for other than its intended use or purpose. Fresh water, cheese, fruit, and milk have all been classified as pollutants by Insurance Carriers.

What pollutants are impacting your clients?